Avoid lifestyle diseases, train for strong lean body in 10 weeks

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Learn Boxing fundamentals

If you want to be inspired, understand the spirit of boxing training, get in amazing shape, learn how to adopt a healthy life style, avoid lifestyle related diseases and finally achieve your training goals – this program is for you!

The program “In shape in 10 weeks” is created by by Leon Holbæk and Ashira Oure. It is designed to get you lean, strong and healthy body in just 10 weeks. Most importantly while you get in shape you also avoid lifestyle diseases.

In this program the focus will be on the weight loss and improvement of the musculature. By combining a detailed workout with a tailored nutrition plan, you can be sure to boost your metabolism and finally get those abs to show.

The program will be adapted to your individual level. So anyone, regardless of the ability or age can apply to attend this program. Gradually we will increase the intensity of the training when your body is strong enough for it.

Over the 10 weeks we will help you change your daily routine to the better.

This program is for any individuals wanting to drastically improve their shape and life style in just 10 weeks

What you will get in the programme:

  • 3X weekly training sessions (closed classes, max 20 participants)
  • Easy nutrition plan tailored after your personal needs
  • Weekly follow-up on weight
  • Invitation to an exclusive Facebook group with plenty of room for discussion and sharing.
  • Workout plan matching you individual level
  • Possibility for individual coaching

With 10 weeks of hard work, don’t expect this program to be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Expect a very intense and structured program covering a broad aspects of boxing and training in general.

Forms of training you can expect on the program:

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Circuit training
  • Boxing training (reflex, coordination, timing, focus, mobility, agility)
  • Weight and strength training
  • Weight and strength training

Before we get started

We will do a health check and measurements. This includes:

  • Retinalyse eye screening
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Physical Body measuring: height, chest, waist, hips, arms and weight
  • Urinalysis (by stripes)
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Tanita machine that we will use to check , BMI,Metabolic age, fat%, Visceral fat. Muscle mass, fat, mass.
  • Dr. Will be on hand to review the health result.

We will have weekly weight check and repeat health check midway and at the end of the 10th week in order to follow up your progress.

After the program you will not only achieve your goals. The knowledge you will get about your own body and its physical performance will help you to live a healthy lifestyle in the future.

The Makers of the the program

Leon Holbæk

Founder of “Boxing Lab”. Former Danish boxing Champion, participant in the Military World boxing Championship. Guiness World Record: “One-Hand-Push up”.

Furthermore, Leon has trained elite athletes for many years.

Evans Ashira Oure

Founder of “Creating Healthy LifeStyle”. Has been Elite athlete, African Champion, Commonwealth Champion, Olympian 1996 Atlanta Georgia, two times Middleweight World Champion.

Multi-weight world title challenger. Furthermore, Ashira Oure has been Chief sparring partner for Floyd Mayweather and was promoted by hall of fame promoter Don King In USA.


Ashira Oure
2x MIddleweight Champion of the world. Co creator of the concept. 2X world title Challenger. Olympian 1996 Atlanta Georgia USA. African and Commonwealth Champion.

Julie Olgaard Group

Julie Olgaard Group
Julie’s experience is of boxing training Copenhagen and California. 12yrs.

Dr Mette Isasksen

Dr Mette Isaksen
Will evaluating the result of the health check and advice.

Allan Ashira

Allan Ashira
2019 Jysk Champion. 14 fights 3 losses 11wins 9Ko.

Fredrick Oxholm

Fredrick Oxholm
Over 12 yrs of boxing training and fighting experience 3 fights 3 wins.

Fredrick Oxholm

Lucas Ashira
Former Danish Basketball Champion & Stockholm Champion. 2 fights 2wins. London youth Champion.

Success Story

With proven success stories, you can feel can confident that this program will get you in the best shape of your life.

I’m 55 years old and I have been training together with Ashira for 10 years.

When I started, my former husband had just died and I needed some changes in my life. I was very thin and with almost no muscles. After the first day, Ashira didn’t think I would be back, but I did, and I have been training ever since.

Within a few months, I gain muscles, and especially my arms and legs became much more shaped to look at. Over the years I have become stronger, I’m able to keep my weight, I have good developed ABS and have been able to keep my carves. Have good boxing skills and as a bonus I hardly ever get sick.

Am busy leading big projects and teams at Sampension, and although I sometimes get tired after a busy day, I always stick to my training schedule- also because I know that I feel much better after the funny hours together with Ashira. And I sleep like a baby in the night.
I love my successful healthy lifestyle and hope I can keep up the hard work many more years.

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Can be adjusted to suit individual needs


2 eggs
5 small tomatoes
100 g spinach or cucumber
1 Omnimin Pure multivitamin
1 scoop Udos Choice
Omega 3 oil

1/2 dl oats (made into porridge)
1 dl low-fat milk
100g berries
1 Omnimin Pure multivitamin
1 scoop Udos Choice
Omega 3 oil

100g skyr 0.2% (max 4g sugar content)
50g berries, e.g. raspberries
or blackberries
1 Omnimin Pure multivitamin
1 scoop Udos Choice
Omega 3 oil

3/4 scoop In2xzym protein powder
(must be blended)
200 ml water
100g frozen berries
1 Omnimin Pure multivitamin
1 scoop Udos Choice
Omega 3 oil

40g Rugfras
1 dl low-fat milk
100g berries, e.g. raspberries
or blackberries
1 Omnimin Pure multivitamin
1 scoop Udos Choice
Omega 3 oil

1/2 dl oats (made into porridge)
1 dl low-fat milk
20g raisins
15 almonds
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 Omnimin Pure multivitamin
1 scoop Udos Choice
Omega 3 oil


1/2-1 banana
10-15 almonds
50 g low-fat cheese (max 13%)
1/2 scoop In2xzym protein powder,
Isolight with 250-300 ml water
1 egg

1/2-1 banana
10-15 almonds
10-15 cashew nuts
1 egg
25 g In2xzym protein powder – 250 ml water
20 g In2xzym protein powder – 150-200ml water
100 g frozen berries (blended)


Low-calorie suggestions
100 g chicken
Grilled chicken mix (Santa Maria)
75 g broccoli (preferably from the stalk)
75 g spinach
1 teaspoon chia seeds

100 g chicken
100 g green, lightly
steamed asparagus
100 g romaine salad
1 teaspoon chia seeds

100 g smoked salmon
100 g finely chopped pointed
head cabbage
10 roughly chopped almonds

1 teaspoon freshly grated Parmesan
1/2 avocado
100 g large Greenland shrimps
20 g edamame beans
100 g romain salad or spinach

2 whole eggs (cooked on a pan)
100 g lightly steamed cauliflower
100 g lightly steamed carrots
1/4 red capsicum

100 g chicken
Grilled chicken mix (Santa Maria)
3 grated carrots (raw)
1 grated apple
Juice of half an orange
Juice of one lime


Low-calorie suggestions

100 g chicken (fried on a dry pan)
Grilled chicken mix (Santa Maria)
1/2 green capsicum
1/2 red capsicum
2-3 tablespoons coconut milk light
(max 6% fat)
Curry, salt and pepper

3 eggs (fried on a pan)
100 g sweet potatoes
1/2 red capsicum
Salt and pepper

100 g chicken
1/2 red child
100 g leeks
100 g mushrooms
2 table spoons coconut milk light
(max 6% fat)
Curry, salt and pepper

3 carrots
(4 servings, made in ovenproof dish – vegetables cut roughly and the chicken is spiced e.g. with grill spice mix and put on top – approx 1 hour and 15 mins at 180 degrees)
3 parsnips
2 sweet potatoes
1 whole chicken (without skin)
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt and pepper

2 onions in cubes (4 portions)
4 carrots
1 tablespoon good olive oil or rapeseed oil
1 red pepper fruit
3 leeks
1/2 finely chopped pointed cabbage
1-3 large garlic
1 red chili
1 liter chicken stock
1 dl light coconut milk (max 6% fat)
Curry, salt and pepper
Top with e.g. 100g chicken or codfish

150 g cod
(baked in tinfoil – approx 20 min at 180 degrees, warm air)
1 twig fresh dill weed
1/2 finely chopped carrot
1/2 finely chopped red capsicum
1 spring onion
1/4 finely chopped red onion
Juice of a half lemon
Salt and pepper

100 g chicken
(vegetables are quick-fried on the pan)
Grill spice (Santa Maria)
10 coarsely chopped almonds
100 g mushrooms
1/4 finely chopped pointed cabbage
Salt, pepper and 1 teaspoon freshly
grated parmesan


  • Preferably 3 eggs a day.
  • Daily intake of 50-60 g In2xzym protein powder (Isolight) to maintain muscle mass during weight loss.
  • Min. 1 measuring spoon Reconpharma Omega 3 oil which helps to increase metabolism and reduce injuries.
  • Max 1 piece of fruit per day (preferably 1 banana) as fruit sugars influence metabolism.
  • Intake of protein minimally 2 hours prior to training, as the body uses the energy to digest the proteins.

Additional training sessions

To attain the optimal weight loss during this program, we recommend the following training sessions on days where no training is scheduled:

  • Brisk walk 45-60 mins 6-8 km/h
  • Start slowly if you aren’t used to running.
  • Start, for example, with 60 seconds brisk walk then 60 secs slow walk.
  • Run 3-5 km at a brisk tempo (e.g. 2 min brisk walk + 10 min run x 2)
  • Exercise bike or MTB 40-120 mins

If you aren’t used to biking, start slowly and increase your tempo slowly. It’s good to work in intervals of, e.g., 30 second sprint and 30 seconds rest.


  • Warm up beforehand (7-12 mins)
  • Stretch afterward

Dietary supplements

ISOLIGHT is the perfect protein supplement for sport, fitness and weight training, as well as for weight loss/diets where the body’s muscle mass is

to be maintained.

Its composition of essential vitamins, minerals, CoQ10 and Goji berries gives you:

  • Optimal conversion of proteins, fat and carbohydrates into energy.
  • Antioxidants that maintain your health and strengthen your cells.
  • Significantly improved immune system.
  • More energy for demanding daily life.

All vitamins and minerals contain at least 100% of the recommended daily allowance, ensuring your body gets what it needs.

Nutrition Overview

The founder of this course, Leon Holbæk, has trained elite athletes for many years. These athletes function optimally only on a proper diet. Ashira Oure has been elite athlete all his career. Having been at top boxing training camps (Don King promotion and Mayweather promotion, USA), he confirms that proper diet is the key for the success.

Optimal nutrition. Together with dietary experts, we have created the following recommendations around food supplements:

  • 2-3 x 20 to 25 grams Isolight daily 1 tablette Recon Pharma Multi+
  • 1-3 measuring cups of Recon Pharma Omega 3

Dietary supplement: Performance, 30-50 g daily, In2zym and Recon Pharma plus 2-4 g fish oil (Udo’s Choice).


  • Egg – Omega 3 – egg sates the hunger and gives fast-uptake proteins (preferably free-range and organic)
  • Lean meat – preferably free-range and organic chicken or turkey without the skin
  • Fish or shellfish – Omega 3, A, D, E and B vitamins
  • Soya protein – if you are vegan or vegetarian, you still need protein – tofu, temph


  • Beans – Kidney, black, green edamame
  • Quinoa – High in protein and improves wound recovery and brain function, red and green lentils

Fruit and greens

  • Tomatoes (Ripened cherry, Roma, grapes, San Marzano), peppers, mushrooms, garlic, chili, etc.
  • Cabbage and spinach – help to strengthen bones and boost immune system
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, white cabbage, pointed cabbage and spinach
  • Avocado – Omega 3 – helps to lower cholesterol and increase metabolism, bananas – contains dietary fibre
  • Citrus fruits – Contain vitamin C and antioxidants – Oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit
  • Berries – Can, for example, be mixed into your protein shake – raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, boysenberries

Starch and whole grains

  • Sweet potatoes – Contain vitamin A and less starch than ordinary potatoes
  • Oats – Contain dietary fibre, lots of vitamins and minerals – Rugfras
  • Protein pasta – Contains dietary fibre and high protein content

Fat sources

  • Nuts – only unsalted and unsweetened – walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts
  • Seeds – Chia – high in Omega 3, protein and fibre – linseed, hemp seed and pumpkin seeds
  • Olive oil – Cold-pressed olive oil, Udos Choice, organic plant oil and ReconPharma Omega 3 – fish oil
  • Dairy products – lean cheese from, e.g. Cheesy 13%, Skyr 0.2% – high protein content, skim milk, Parmesan – contains protein, calcium and B vitamins and aids recovery


  • Water – the body is composed of 70% water and won’t work if it is dehydrated
  • Drink a large glass of water before large meals
  • Green tea – reduces cortisol levels and boosts the immune system

How to avoid training injuries

You can get injured if you use your body incorrectly during your training, or if you start out too hard.

Here’s some good advice for getting started without injuries:

1. Don’t start too quickly:

Take it slow in the beginning, if you start out too hard, you will easily get injuries.

Many of us start out way too hard and that means that sinews and ligaments can become overburdened, resulting in pain and actual damage which require time to heal.

Injuries and overburdening, in other words, force you to take breaks from training. The disadvantage, is that an unlucky start with pain and injuries can easily get you to lose your motivation.

2. Warm up

Use 10-15 minutes to warm up your joints and muscles. In that way, you minimise the risk of injury. A warm-up programme should contain exercises where you work with the large muscle groups, at the same time as you gradually raise your pulse.

Choose exercises where you move all the joints, stretching the large muscle groups. Perform targeted exercises in relation to the type of exercise you are about to perform.

Have you got injuries or tender joints and muscles?

If yes, you should:

  • Avoid jumps and sudden twists or movements that require sudden movements or impact.
  • Train with slow, controlled movements

This applies both while warming up and during the training itself. Also avoid burdening your joints in extreme positions when you train – such as over-extending your knee joint.

In general, you should be extra careful about the places where you have previously had problems with pain or overburdening injuries. If you are in doubt about how to get started with your training, ask a physiotherapist for advice.

3. Get used to training

When you start to workout more than usually, or starting up a new form of training, you should train regularly so that your body slowly gets used to the changes. Start by training for a short time each time at low intensity.

Do you experience pain after training?

If you aren’t used to training, you will be tender and tight in your muscles in the beginning. These are training pains that arise because you are using your body in a dierent way than usual. Tenderness after training isn’t dangerous, but just a sign to indicate that your body has been working hard. Nevertheless, tender muscles are also a signal to the body that it needs to become stronger.

Good training pains

The good pains are, in fact, the pains and tenderness that should be there when you have trained. That’s why they are called “good training pains”.

Bad training pains

If you’re experiencing pain after training it can feel like it is cutting, burning, stinging or aching. If you have overburdened your muscles and joints, your joints can also swell up. The bad pains are those you must not get in connection with your training.

If you have bad pains before training, these should not be provoked further when training.

Joint pains should disappear again

You can certainly experience a little pain in your joints after training without this being a sign of an injury or overburdening. But such pains should disappear within a few hours of training. If they don’t, you have most likely overburdened your joints.

What should you do if you experience muscle or joint pains after training?

Train for a shorter time or at lower intensity next time and perhaps involve some rehab exercise with the training until the worst of the pain has gone.

To sum up, I would say there is so much education people do this days. With the technology that is available, is exciting to use Medical technology in fitness to make result accurate, smarter and interesting. ( We have a saying that goes, if you want to go fast do it alone, you want to father do it together)

AOBC – Train like a Champ!

Train like a champion, get in a life-changing shape in 8 weeks.

In this program, we are dedicated to developing a healthy lifestyle and championship mindset.
We offer our members a variety of training by having different facilities.

With the boxing discipline at its core

AOBC offers a wide range of services, including strength & conditioning, boxing lessons, circuit training, Co-operate classes, group classes, health checks and nutrition advice.

AOBC can also provide injury services, as we are working closely together with the physiotherapists at Well-come fitness and spa. This means that we can provide innovative management plans, including manual therapy, clinical rehabilitation and specialized treatment. Always closely overlooked within the context of the overall physical health.

We believe that in offering this full-service holistic approach, our clients receive the mindset of a comprehensive and unrivalled champion, in their goal for a healthy lifestyle. Learning how to train like a Champ…and therefore gain success in a healthy lifestyle and creating a Championship mindset.

The training programs will follow week by week of training through ( train like a champion course).
Based on mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

  • First day we will do a health check. We will use the Tanita body analyser machine, which will give us numbers on BMI, Visceral fat, fat per cent, and muscle mass.

  • Use a blood pressure monitor- to check blood pressure.

  • Pulse oximetry

  • Urinalysis (by stripes)

  • The medical technology result will be reviewed by the Doctor.

We will have weekly weight check and repeat health check midway and at the end of the 8th week in order to follow up your progress.

Training days and times.

8 weeks






10 weeks

17.00 and 18.15

17.00 and 18.15

10.00 and 11.15

”Winning is not
but the only thing”

Ashira Oure Boxing Club

Philip Heymans Alle 17

2900 Hellerup

Røjelskær 13

2840 Holte
Tel: +45 50 21 67 10

10 weeks get in shape.

The focus of our programs is health, fitness combined with the technology of health eg, Blood pressure, visceral fat, BMI and advice on nutrition. Avoiding lifestyle diseases.

Training Programs tailored at your fitness level so we follow you up step by step.

Most importantly avoiding lifestyle disease and injuries. Keeping you active on our Facebook exclusive page where we share the experience every day and share information on diet and supplement programs you use for training the days you not training in the groups.

We all want quality life and it comes with the sacrifice of some of our bad and good habits for a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the course, everyone is a winner having developed new training habits, leaned healthy eating, got better body age, look better and think better. feel better and most important avoid lifestyle diseases.

The programs offered and delivered by well-come fitness & spa / AOBC unrivalled level of training.

8 weeks Train like a Champion program

This program is for people who are in good or ok shape and want to move it to the next level mentally and physically. As most of our program healthy lifestyle is the focus we. We do the health Check in the start. As we start on the programs nutrition advice is the pillar of Champion mindset. This program is very intresting you being your own competition.

Like you need to beat your fat%, BMI, Visceral Fat, metabolic age. your speed, number of pull-ups, squats, Push-ups, seat ups.

Everyone is going to be a winner in the end. At the end of the day

Having this kind of programs at well/come fitness & spa moves the standard to international level, and rivalled by none.